Be a Merchant!

Looking to expand your business online and on smartphones? Look no further!

JAM-BU is a secure WEB and MOBILE APP platform that will enable you to expand your business through a virtual shop, giving consumers the convenience to purchase your products, anytime and anywhere. You can have a borderless shop, reaching out to new potential customers and to market your products nationwide.

How can JAM-BU benefit you?

1) Have your own Mobile and Web Shop
More and more Malaysians are opting to shop online in the comfort of their home or anytime, anywhere! JAM-BU will provide the web and mobile platform with an integrated payment gateway for multiple paying options to buyers and also nationwide logistics! All you need to do is pack your items when there's an order!

2) Contribute your Products to the JAM-BU Youth Entrepreneurship Program
Would like to reach out to Youths? Imagine having 500+ Youth ambassadors constantly pushing and selling your products to their family and friends.

The JAM-BU Youth Entrepreneurship Program is specially designed for Malaysian youths (ages 18 - 30) who aspire to be an entrepreneur in the near future. JAM-BU provides the youth an opportunity to have their very own online shop via website and mobile app, selling a selection of products from 9 categories. Your products will be placed in the Product Basket for the Youth to select to sell under this program.

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